Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/2 - 12/4

I didn't get jet lagged going to Thailand but when we got back, my sleep was all sorts of messed up so this weekend I made plans for one social outing and that was it!

Here are my boring pics of what I did the rest of the weekend. I got a 3rd and final coat of paint over the mural I attempted in our living room. I know I could have made the mural better but I decided it didn't fit the living room the way I wanted to I said buh bye. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read about my "mural" here.

I was up early Sunday morning and got the gym right when it opened. When it comes to the gym, there's nothing I love more than when it's empty.

I grabbed brunch with my girlfriend Jeanne who I haven't seen in FOREVER, so we had a long catch-up session!

Andrew decided to take a spontaneous trip to Colorado with a buddy to catch some of the powder days they've been getting. They're driving and I told him to pack blankets in case something bad happened and they got stranded on the road. He has a really warm sleeping bag that he said he'd bring. Well, they take off and I notice said sleeping bag still sitting in our living room so he had to turn around and grab it. Luckily I texted him 2 minutes after they left so this didn't set them back too much on their 14 hour road trip.

Since I have nothing else to report on this weekend I'll post this adorable picture of my niece and nephew passed out that my sister sent me today, haha.

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