Drake's Bizarre Weekend in Five Pics

Sooooo I found out on Friday that I am gonna have to fork out a TON of money to get my car fixed.

(Just to get you caught up, I slid on ice into a curb earlier last week and it ended up busting some things inside my car)

With that information, I needed to bust my ass this weekend to hopefully come up with some extra money to help pay for the repairs this week so I ended up doing a 24 Hour stream on my Twitch.

From 7 PM Friday to 7 PM Saturday, I was live playing videos games, hanging with viewers, eating, and other misc. stuff. It was a blast but oh wow was it draining lol

Shoutout Taco Johns for keeping me hydrated 👏

Was at Cowboy Jacks again on Sunday (surprise surprise) and witnessed the Vikings lose! My friends & family are getting VERY worried that I'm becoming a Vikings fan haha!

Got pizza downtown from 'Pizza La Vista' DELICIOUS btw. highly recommend if you haven't had it

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