Drake's Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend in Five Pics

This weekend was mostly chill due to me heading home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

Played a lot of the new Modern Warfare, and I'm actually in love with it, they just dropped Warzone 2.0 & a new game mode called 'DMZ' which is so dope. (sorry for nerding out, but if you play video games, you know haha)

Decided to head downtown and went to a couple of bars before ending up at Cowboys again (It's becoming an issue, I know lul)

Got hooked up with another IV from my girl Melissa and was getting hyped about the Vikings (which turned out to be a blowout)

Everyone told me I looked like a crazy patient that escaped a hospital and went out drinking afterwards with this picture haha

I got some very delicious food afterwards and was super hyped in the back of this Uber for it

My brother is back home already for the week and he sent me a picture that makes me look like I was hella bald as a young kid

turns out it was just a glare but I was super scared at first haha

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