A Study Found No One Drives 20 in 20 Mile-Per-Hour Zones

It makes sense to have lower speed limits in places with lots of pedestrians. But how slow is TOO slow? A new study found the answer might be 20 miles an hour.


Back in 2016, Belfast in Northern Ireland dropped their speed limit in the city center to 20 miles an hour. But the study found it hasn't made a big difference.


There's been a slight drop in the number of crashes and fatalities, but not enough to be statistically relevant.


The biggest difference they've seen is fewer cars. So dropping the speed limit might just make people avoid roads where they have to slow down.


Here's one reason it might not make a huge difference. Even when you tell people they can only drive 20, no one does it.


After one year, people were only driving 0.2 miles per hour slower, on average. And in three years, it only dropped by 0.8 miles an hour.


To be clear, that doesn't mean you should ignore speed limit signs. And low speed limits DO often make sense, like when schools are nearby. (EurekAlert)

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