Coors Light's New Nail Polish Changes Color When Your Beer Is Cold

If you've had a Coors Light, you probably know how the can or bottle can change color based on how cold it is. It's the coolest thing about having Coors Light . . . the ONLY cool thing about Coors Light.


But they're now expanding that technology, with a NAIL POLISH that changes color when your Coors Light is cold enough.


The idea is that the color-changing label doesn't help when you're drinking from a pint glass. So now, you'll know if it's cold enough by gripping the beer and looking at your fingernails.


Coors Light Chill Polish is available for $7 per bottle at They'll be releasing it in batches through the end of the year. And if you haven't ordered from Coors Light's online shop before . . . which you haven't . . . there will be a prompt that will get you $5 off your first order. 




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