3 Incredibly Dangerous Things You're Fast Enough to Run Away From

You're faster than you think. Even if you haven't sprinted since high school. Even if when you run your knees make scraping sound. Even if your diet is made up of more than 33% ranch dressing.


Here are three incredibly dangerous things you're fast enough to run away from.


1. Spiders.  Even the fastest spider in the world tops out at 1.2 miles-per-hour. So if a venomous spider is after you, you can easily get away . . . as long as you spot it sneaking up on you.


2. Lava. The fastest lava flow ever recorded is six miles-per-hour. You can beat that pace, at least for long enough to get to safety.


3. Any land animal on Earth. You can't outsprint a cheetah, wolf, or even a bear. But you can outlast them. If you have a head start, you can run LONGER than they can . . . other animals need breaks. So never stop running. 



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