Mental Health "Warmlines" Are Hotlines for When Things Aren't Too Serious

Did you know these exist? A lot of people don't: Everyone's heard of mental health hotlines like 9-8-8, which is for suicide prevention. But did you know there's also something called "WARMLINES"?


They're like hotlines, but for when things aren't so serious, or not as urgent. Like when you just need to talk to someone, but it's not a dire situation. 


The website has a directory with a ton of numbers listed by state. 


Some of them operate 24/7. They're usually run by trained volunteers who've dealt with their own issues in the past. So, people who can relate and know what you're going through.


Some warmlines have time limits to make sure people don't take advantage, like 20 minutes or an hour. But others let you talk as long as you need to. They're less intimidating for some people than actual hotlines. 


So it's just another option if you're feeling overwhelmed or need to vent.


Again, you can find the state-by-state directory at (Huff Post)

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