Which Decade of Your Life Would You Choose to Experience Again?

If time travel was possible, which decade of your life would you choose to experience all over again? How about your 20s? Or maybe go way back and be a toddler with no responsibilities?


Someone asked 2,000 American SENIORS what they'd do. And the top answer was to go back and experience their 30s again.


30% said their 30s were the happiest or best decade of their life. Their 20s was second with 25% of the vote. 


Seniors were also asked what advice they'd give their younger self if they had a chance.


Some of the most common answers include: Accept challenges . . . follow your gut . . . be bold . . . stay humble . . . always be prepared . . . and stay positive.


But would their younger self even listen? 49% said they received solid advice from people when they were young, but ignored it. 




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