Drake's Weekend in the New Apartment in Five Pics

okay, I might have lied when I said I had a more exhilerating weekend than anybody else, BUT

It was super nice to be able to really enjoy my new apartment. I moved in last weekend and the last few weekends have been just nothing but running around and getting lit haha

I basically just streamed, drank wine, and caught up on some shows on Netflix. If you haven't watched 'Young Royals' on Netflix HIGHLY recommend. And I watched 'All Quiet on the Western Front' which was actually a really interesting movie to watch. If you don't like gore, don't watch it lol It's so weird my tastes in shows because I'm gay I LOVE a romantic show, but also am a history nerd so I thoroughly enjoy war / action movies lol

People were asking for some apartment pics so here's another one.

(don't be fooled by the Packer blanket. I only have it so my parents don't disown me when they visit. joking 😂)

But like I mentioned, I did A LOT of streaming. This is what it looks like (kind of) when I stream. The background is to DIE FOR

I did a lot of exploring this weekend around downtown to see what I lived close to. Found a TON of great spots!

And here's a picture of me in the KDWB studio because I still can't believe I work here!!!!

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