12 Things That People Like Less and Less as They Get Older

 There's a debate online about things that are LESS fun as you age, and the highlights include:

1. Social media . . . "I enjoy it less and less the older I get."

2. Waiting . . . "Anything with hype that requires me to stand in a long line."

3. Drinking alcohol, and especially getting drunk.

4. Loud places, like bars and parties . . . and even, "Loud noises in general."

5. Shopping for anything, even groceries . . . "It used to be fun, now it's a chore."

6. Driving . . . "My car as an adult is a million times more fun to drive, but I'm perpetually annoyed being on the road . . . it isn't just cruising around."

7. Video games . . . "As an adult, I feel like I'm entering into a long term relationship every time I start a new video game that I don't have time for. As a kid you didn't feel guilty dumping an entire weekend into a game."

8. Holidays . . . "As kids it's about opening presents, having fun, and eating . . . but as adults you need to be the one to cook the big meals all day, organize all the fun, and buy the presents."

9. Staying up "late."

10. Sex scenes in movies . . . It's like, "Yeah, yeah. Then what happened?"

11. Snow.

12. French fries . . . "I never feel good or happy when I have eaten them anymore." And another person said: Cinnamon.  (???) "The older I get the more it just starts tasting like bits of tree and less like a yummy dessert."

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