There's a New Dating App Trend, Have You Done This?

"Reverse Catfishing" Is the New Dating App Trend . . . Using Photos That Make You Look Worse

This seems like a high-risk, maybe high-reward online dating strategy.

Some people have started doing something called "REVERSE CATFISHING." That is: Instead of putting up photos where you look BETTER than you do in real life, you put up photos that make you look WORSE.

So that way, when someone meets you in person, they'll be pleasantly surprised. And that's a better reaction than if you look worse than your photos . . . so when they meet you they're disappointed.

Of course, the challenge is actually locking down dates with so-so photos on your profile. But if you think you can pull it off, "reverse catfishing" can get your in-person dates off to the best possible start.

More details here.

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