Just 2 Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Help You Live Longer

A study a while back found four-second workouts might be enough to counteract all the sitting we do. Which makes this new study sound a little less exciting, but both are really saying the same thing . . .


Scientists at the University of Sydney say just two minutes of exercise a day can extend your life.


They spent years tracking 70,000 people aged 40 to 70 using activity trackers like Fitbits. And people who got just 15 minutes of vigorous exercise a week . . . about two minutes a day . . . were 18% less likely to die over the next five years.


That's not so different from what the four-second study found. In that one, people had to peddle hard on a stationary bike for four seconds . . . take a short break . . . repeat the process five times . . . and do the whole thing eight times a day.


That adds up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds of exercise. So according to both studies, just two to three minutes a day might help.


Obviously more exercise than that is even better. But more and more research shows that pretty much any amount is helpful. (Study Finds / EurekAlert)

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