Jenny's Halloween Weekend in Five Pics!

We had 3 Halloween parties this weekend but only ended up making it to 2. This time, I had the idea for Andrew and I to be Dora the Explorer (Andrew), and her backpack (me). If you want to see a funny video of Andrew attempting to carry me on his back like a backpack click here!

Here is Andrew with his best friend's kid who was an adorable Tigger. I made puppy chow for this party and he was a huge fan of it so Andrew kept bribing him to come by him with the puppy chow, haha.

We also hit up my friend/trainer, Demi's, Halloween party. She was a Power Ranger with a crew of other people!

They had more of a house party vibe than the other party with drinking games. I played some flip cup and I was a bit rusty but after a couple of rounds I found my stride again!

Sunday, Andrew and I stopped by REI to look for a backpacking backpack for me. We plan on just bringing backpacks on our Thailand trip that's coming up in less than 3 weeks since we're traveling all over the country and I don't own anything like that so we went to try out a few. If you happen to be selling one that's still is good condition, hit me up,! I've been looking on Facebook Marketplace for one but haven't found any yet.

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