Tomorrow Is National Cat Day! The Average Cat Costs $25,304 to Own

Tomorrow is National Cat Day, when we're supposed to take time to appreciate them. But it might be a little harder after you hear this number.


A poll found you'll spend $25,304 on your cat over the course of their life: $1,308 a year on food, $108 on toys, $111 for the average vet bill, and $764 to replace furniture they scratch up. Here are the top ten things cats like to break or ruin . . .


1. Clothing. Like when they snag it with their claws.


2. Rugs and carpets. Mostly from scratching, or puking.


3. Your sofa.


4. Drinking glasses, by knocking them off tables.


5. Chairs.


6. Table legs.


7. Power cables.


8. Drapes.


9. Your phone, by knocking it off stuff.


10. Hardwood floors. 



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