The Top First Date Deal-Breakers Include Being Late and Bringing Up an Ex

If you've got a date and want to RUIN your chances, just do everything on this list: polled its customers to find the top things that can scare someone off on a first date. Here's what people said . . .


1.  Showing up late. 60% said they wouldn't go out with the person again.


2.  Too much too soon. 53% said they've been scared off by a first date asking them if they were ready to commit to something serious.


3.  Rudeness. 47% have cut things off because the person was rude to someone on a first date, like a waitress or bartender.


4.  Talking too much. 34% have had a date where they couldn't get a word in.


5.  Talking about your ex. 41% say someone's made things weird by bringing up past relationships on a date. 88% say you shouldn't do it on a first date.


6.  A wandering eye. 28% of have caught a date checking someone else out.


7.  Too much phone time. 76% of single people wouldn't pursue a relationship with someone who constantly checked their phone on a first date. 



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