A Pizzeria Is Catching Heat for Its Jeffrey Dahmer Pizza

There's been a lot of talk about how it's insensitive to dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween. eBay even banned the sale of Dahmer costumes last week.


But plenty of people are still doing it anyway, because the Netflix show is so popular. Now this . . .


A pizza place in Lubbock, Texas called Capital Pizza has been catching heat for a Halloween decoration that shows what Dahmer's favorite pizza might look like.


The toppings include: Fake eyeballs . . . severed fingers . . . a fake ear . . . noodles that resemble intestines . . . and there's a sign under it that says, "Jeffrey Dahmer Special".  


To be clear, it's only a decoration on their front counter, not something on their menu. But some people still think it's inappropriate.


The manager says one of his waitresses came up with the idea and made it as a fun prop. Despite the backlash, he's keeping it up until Halloween is over. 





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