Airline Is Making Middle Seats More Enticing with a Prize Lottery

Most of us do NOT prefer the MIDDLE SEAT on a plane. A recent poll asked people if they had their choice, which seat would they choose, and only 3% said they'd be fine with the middle seat.



The big issue is that there aren't any perks of the middle seat. But one airline is trying to change that.



Virgin Australia is trying to make the middle seat more appealing by launching a LOTTERY with $230,000 in prizes for people who fly in the middle seat . . . like a Caribbean cruise, free flights, and tickets to soccer matches.



The promotion is running for the next six months . . . only in Australia for now. If you fly in a middle seat on a Virgin Australia-operated domestic flight, all you have to do is opt into the lottery in the app within two days of your departure.



For what it's worth, the CEO of Virgin Australia says that she LOVES the middle seat because it gives her the chance to meet TWO people on a plane . . . not just one.  (Which definitely does not seem like a perk.)



She then told a story about how, years ago, she met surfer Kelly Slater, while sitting in a WINDOW seat. It's unclear why she used this example. Maybe she was saying Kelly . . . apparently in the middle seat . . . got the chance to meet HER?



(NZ Herald)

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