Here's the One Trick to Stop Forgetting People's Names

Want to avoid that awkward moment where you bump into someone you've met before and you CAN'T remember their name. Or even worse . . . where someone says their name and you forget it two minutes later?


Here's a trick from a memory champion . . . yes, that's a real thing . . . you can use to remember everyone's name.


When someone tells you their name, create an entertaining mental picture of them . . . and put something in that mental picture that makes you think of their name.


For example, if you meet someone named Ross, picture him in the apartment from "Friends". REALLY picture him there. And the next time you see him, you'll associate that memory with him.


If someone has a less sitcom-friendly name, this still works. For example . . . the name "Hasiba." Picture her laughing with a zebra. Ha plus zebra equals Hasiba.


If you get in the habit of making these mental pictures you'll be able to remember the people's names for a LONG time . . . even if you go months or years before you see them again. (Ted

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