Things Men Are Sick of Being Judged For

If a guy in his 50s buys a red sports car, you immediately assume mid-life crisis, right? But is that a fair judgment?


Someone on Reddit asked guys to name things they're sick of being judged for, and that made the list. The guy said he didn't have enough money to buy the car he always wanted until he got older. So stop assuming his life is in shambles.


Here are a few more random things guys said they're sick of being judged for . . .


1.  Having non-manly hobbies. Like baking and gardening.


2.  Being short. Don't judge people for things they can't control. Another guy said he's sick of people judging him for his receding hairline.


3.  Pampering yourself with things like massages. It seems like women can get all the spa treatments they want. But if guys do it, they're weird.


4.  Taking long, relaxing showers. If you take more than ten minutes, people assume you're doing something ELSE in there.


5.  Ordering a cocktail or "girl drink" instead of a beer. Why can't guys drink something that tastes good without being judged for it? 




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