The Top Things Parents Consider to Be "Me Time"  

You don't get much "me time" when you have kids. So you have to MAKE it happen: A poll of 1,000 parents found most have resorted to hiding out in the BATHROOM just to get away. Over 60% say they've done it.


If sitting on the toilet counts, then I guess the rest of these do too. According to the poll, here are the top ten things parents consider to be "me time" . . .


1. Watching TV.


2. Reading a book.


3. Going for a walk.


4. Sleeping.


5. Just sitting in total silence.


6. A relaxing bath.


7. Catching up with friends without your kids around.


8. Exercising.


9. Having a stiff drink.


10. Sitting down for a nice meal. 



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