People Are Celebrating Friendsgiving with a Pizza Party?

It feels like every year there's been a new PANIC that's threatening Thanksgiving. The main concern used to just be inviting your father-in-law. Now we've had a pandemic . . . supply chain issues . . . and inflation.


A new poll asked people if rising grocery store prices had them thinking about canceling Thanksgiving, and a lot of people said YES.

One in four Americans plan to skip Thanksgiving this year to save money . . . and that's especially true of Gen Z.


47% of people say they plan to host or attend a "Friendsgiving" this year. They didn't break that down by generation, but chances are that's a popular option for Gen Z, who spend more time with friends than family.

And get this: The most popular main course for Friendsgiving celebrations this year is: PIZZA.  (???) 33% are turning Friendsgiving into a pizza party . . . while just 24% are springing for a turkey for their Friendsgiving this year.


(Personal Capital)

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