Someone Threw a Beer Can at a Stand-Up Comic, so She Chugged It

An up-and-coming stand-up named Ariel Elias is in the news because some idiot at a show threw a BEER at her head . . . so she picked it up and chugged it.


It happened at a place on the Jersey shore called Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club. A woman in the crowd yelled out and asked if Ariel voted for Biden. She could tell the woman did NOT like Biden, so she tried to sidestep it and move on.


A guy the woman was there with threw the can, which hit the wall behind Ariel and only missed her head by a few feet. So she picked it up . . . chugged the rest of it . . . and the crowd went nuts.

The owner of the place says the couple left after it happened. But he I.D.'d them for the cops, and it sounds like the guy who threw the can could face charges.

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