Most Popular Spooks at Halloween Haunt Attractions

It's October, which means that the local Halloween "haunt" attractions are open for business. So what's YOUR favorite spook?


The site recently asked more than 2,000 "haunt industry professionals" what we can expect for this year, and for starters, it shouldn't be hard to find a corn maze.


17% of haunt attractions offer corn mazes . . . 16% have some sort of indoor walkthrough, like a haunted house . . . 15% have an outdoor walkthrough . . . 14% offer a haunted hayride . . . 13% have an escape game available . . . and 12% offer "zombie paintball."


When asked about admission fees, 40% said to expect something in the $21 to $30 range. 28% say it'll cost more . . . usually between $31 to $40.  And 32% say it'll cost less, mostly in the $11 to $20 range.


33% of haunts have a "pay-what-you-can" or donation ticketing system, which MAY go to charity. Believe it or not, more than 72% of haunts are affiliated with a nonprofit organization . . . either direct ownership or donating a portion of proceeds. 



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