Average American Makes Four Wrong Major Decisions in Their Life

People say it's a good idea to live without regrets . . . but if someone asked you how many wrong decisions you've made in your life, how many would you say?



And this is "major" wrong decisions . . . so not like "eating Taco Bell last night," and more like "my first marriage and my third child."  (???)



According to new research, the average American estimates they have made FOUR wrong major decisions in their life. 31% say they've made more.



71% say they wish they had more guidance when it comes to making large life decisions.  (But honestly, mistakes are a normal part of life.)



54% say they turn to their friends and family for advice when making major decisions. But 40% do their own research, usually online. 28% will seek out "industry professionals" . . . 26% will read informational books . . .



And 25% will look for "informational videos and TV shows."  (They'll say they love this route because they're "visual learners," but in reality they just like YouTube.)




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