A Woman Spent Three Days in the Hospital After Her Dog Pooped in Her Mouth

We do a lot for our dogs. For example, a poll just found 71% of pet owners regularly put their pet's needs in front of their own. But you might not be so nice if they ever did THIS . . .


A 51-year-old woman in the U.K. named Amanda Gommo spent three days in the hospital . . . after her dog POOPED ON HER FACE while she was sleeping.


She laid down for a nap with her Chihuahua named Belle. And in the middle of it, Belle had a bout of explosive diarrhea . . . which got in Amanda's MOUTH.


It made her violently ill for several hours. Then she started having stomach cramps and got severely dehydrated from all the puking.


It turned out the dog had a stomach bug and passed it on to her. She went to the hospital in an ambulance two days later and spent three days there recovering.


She and her dog are both okay now, and Amanda says all's forgiven . . . she just might not let Belle sleep so close to her face anymore. 



(NY Post


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