Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/23 - 9/25

If you missed it, I had wrist surgery on Monday to get a metal plate put in and a bone shaved down because of a snowboarding injury from 7 years ago. Due to this, I've had to be pretty chill in my daily activities but Friday I did head to the gym in an attempt to do a lower body workout. I can't sweat or I risk infecting the area that was cut open so it was not a very hard workout but it felt good to move my body!

Saturday, Andrew pointed out how filthy our sunroom windows are and went outside to clean them. He always catches me taking pics and then does something inappropriate such as this:

I wanted to have a date night with Andrew and sometimes it's tough for us to find things we like to do because he doesn't drink and I don't like going out to eat very much, and with my bad wrist, I was really struggling with what to do so I went to Pinterest for ideas. We decided to write a bucket list for our 30s and snagged some sushi and watched the new Elvis movie.

Sunday was such a perfect Fall day so I convinced Andrew to skip watching football all day to hit up a newer apple orchard called Minnesota Harvest in Jordan. I know it's been around for a while but one of the workers said a new family just bought it and built it up a ton with lots of activities. There's a corn maze, corn pit, haystack pyramids, tons of games, an apple cannon, a "cow train", wagon rides, apple and pumpkin picking and there's food and cider flights you can get! There's even more than that but you'll just have to go to find out for yourself! Heads up, there is a $15 admission price but I think it's worth it! (Not an ad, just wanted to recommend something fun. We paid full price to get in :)

The cow train is for ages 2 and up, realistically I think it's mostly for kids but I really wanted to do it so I convinced Andrew to go on it with me. We were the only adults on it that didn't have kids they were accompanying. Look at how close Andrew's knees are to not fitting, lol!

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