What's the Longest You've Ever Waited in Line for Something?

What's the longest you've waited in line for something? Like concert tickets, a Black Friday sale . . . or just a really busy morning at Starbucks.


The line to see The Queen's casket in London was insanely long this week. Even David Beckham waited 13 hours.


So someone polled thousands of Americans and asked how long they've ever waited in a line for something.


For most of us, it's only an hour or two. But some have waited MUCH longer.


42% said an hour or less, including 15% who've never waited more than 30 minutes in line.  (So, they've obviously never flown around the holidays.)


Another 25% said up to two hours . . . 15% said three to four . . . 4% said five to six . . . 2% said up to eight hours in line . . . and 3% have waited even longer than that.  (11% said "not sure.")





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