Science Figured Out the Formula to Get a Crying Baby Back to Sleep

If someone you know just had a baby, be a hero and pass this info along: Science may have finally figured out the exact formula for getting a crying baby back to sleep.


A team in Japan tried different methods with more than 20 infants and tracked their heart rates to see how quickly they calmed down.


They say the method that works best takes about 10 minutes, and only has two steps to remember: Walk them around, then sit with them.


Step One: Carry them around for five minutes. It'll start to slow their heart rate within 30 seconds. And it calms them down even better than rocking them does.


Step Two: Sit down and hold them for another five to eight minutes. Be patient, or they might wake up. Waiting at least five minutes gives you the best chance of them staying asleep when you lay them back down. 



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