These Are the Most Influential Modern Entrepreneurs

A new poll asked Americans who they thought were the most influential modern entrepreneurs . . . and the person who invented Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream didn't make the cut.


When asked which modern entrepreneurs have made the most "positive impact" on society, here are the 10 who received the most votes:


1.  Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), 21%


2.  Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), 18%


3.  Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple), 18%


4.  Elon Musk (founder of SpaceX, and CEO of Tesla), 17%


5. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), 17%


6.  Oprah Winfrey (co-founder of Oxygen, and the founder of "O, The Oprah Magazine"), 15%


7.  Melinda Gates (co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), 14%


8.  Sam Walton (founder of Walmart and Sam's Club), 13%


9.  Larry Page (co-founder of Google), 12%


10.  Ted Turner (founder of CNN), 11%


Some of the ones which didn't fare as well include:


Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger (co-founders of Instagram), 8%


Jessica Alba (founder of Honest), 8%


Garrett Camp (co-founder of Uber), 8%


Kylie Jenner (founder of Kylie Cosmetics), 8%




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