The Ten Worst Traits Your Boss Can Have

If you've got a bad boss, YOU know why they suck. But they probably don't. So hopefully they're listening: Someone polled 2,000 workers and asked them to name the worst traits a boss can have. Here are the top ten:


1. They don't listen to you.


2. They're unapproachable.


3. Playing favorites, or treating certain employees differently.


4. They yell at people.


5. They set unrealistic goals.


6. They blame other people when things go wrong.


7. They don't lead by example or have the same standards for themselves.


8. They're not organized.


9. They don't encourage people.


10. They're selfish, or take credit for your work. 


According to the survey, the BEST traits a boss can have include treating people with respect . . . listening to their employees . . . and being a team player. 



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