Here's How to Order a Secret $2 Burrito at Chipotle

 If you get a burrito at Chipotle, it's probably running you at least $8, maybe more.


Here's how to get at least FOUR burritos for that price. There's a TikTok video from a food vlogger named Kelsey Lynch that's going viral . . . which shows you how to get a burrito at Chipotle for $2.


You order a tortilla, then a side of beans and a side of cheese. And ask the person working . . . very nicely . . . to put the beans and cheese inside the tortilla. It's probably best not to do this during the crazy lunch rush hour either.


They should charge you for the price of two sides and a tortilla . . . which comes out to just a little bit over $2. Kelsey says it's always exactly $2.36 for her.


And she says the bean-and-cheese burrito is really good, quote, "It's a lot of food for a really good deal. The warm beans melt the cheese perfectly."  (New York Post)

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