A TikToker's Top 16 Rules for a First Date:

You've probably heard a lot of "do's" and "don'ts" about first dates. Like DO make sure they're not a serial killer. Or DON'T order spaghetti and meatballs. 


A woman on TikTok is sharing her 16-point list of rules. It's mostly geared toward women, but honestly it could work for anyone. Some highlights include:


1. Pick a Thursday. It's the perfect closeness to the weekend, so you can make plans for a second date before Monday, and then you know how you feel.


2. Drink 1.5 glasses of something to pre-game. If you drink, maybe it's red wine. If not, have one-and-a-half glasses of Diet Coke. Get yourself pumped up.


3. Don't become a pen pal before the date. You want to get to know them in person, not over texts.


4. Beverages are important. If you drink, cool, order something at the bar. If not, go out for coffee. Holding a drink, and sipping on it, makes you more comfortable.


5. Don't add the person as a contact in your phone until the THIRD date.


6. Tell one "comedic trauma story."


7. If someone pays for the date, thank them in person, but afterward don't text them first . . . unless they ask you to "text when you make it home."


8. And make tentative plans with your friends for after, so that you have somewhere to go if you don't want to stick around.


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