Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/26 - 2/28

I knew Saturday was going to be a big day at the fair so I chilled most of Friday. Did get out for a bike ride at one point!

Saturday we broadcasted from the fair! Met so many awesome people. Falen and I immediately snagged the KDWB cross body bags and then met these lovely ladies and had to get a pic with all of our cross body bags. If you're at the fair make sure to swing by our booth (right behind the Grandstand/next to the carousel) and grab a t-shirt or the Dave Ryan Show traveling coffee mug!

I met Megan who lives in my hometown, Fond du Lac, WI now!

Sunday I did tons of household chores. Including cleaning out the fridge.

I'm supposed to be going to Pitbull at the fair tonight. Fingers crossed the weather holds out because I LOVE Mr. 305!!!!

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