Gen Zers Are Sharing Things That Annoy Them About Their Own Generation

Lots of people complain about Gen Z . . . which is anyone born from around 1996 to 2012. But now they're doing it to THEMSELVES.


Someone on Reddit asked Gen Zers to name things they dislike about their own generation. Here are a few highlights . . .


1. Acting like bullying is outrageous, then just doing it online instead.


2. The, quote, "insatiable need for attention."


3. The dumb online trends, like the Tide Pod Challenge.


4. The cringy slang, like "cheugy," "slaps," and "OK boomer."


5. All the vaping, and then acting like there's no way it could be bad for you.


6. Getting offended by everything so easily.


7. Thinking the world can be changed by posting TikTok videos. 




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