New Dating Trend: Having Dinner in a U-Haul?

Is this a fun idea, or are people just getting weirder? The newest dating trend is to rent a U-HAUL together and hang out in the back of it.  


People are doing it and posting videos on TikTok. They usually get dinner, eat in the back, and put an inflatable mattress in there to hang out on . . . and maybe do OTHER things on.  (If this moving truck's a-rockin' . . .)


People like it because it's weird and unique. And it's also cheap if you don't drive too far. U-Haul's base rate is $19.95 a day, plus mileage and gas. So if you don't have your own car, it's cheaper than renting one.


Most people opt for a big box truck. But a couple in New York just went viral after renting a U-Haul pick-up for their one-year anniversary. They bought a bunch of snacks and took it to a drive-in movie.  (Here's the video.)


Some guy in Fresno, California may have started the trend when he took his girlfriend on a pandemic date way back in August of 2020.


He rented a U-Haul for their first anniversary . . . put a mattress in it . . . decorated it with candles . . . opened the back door . . . and they had dinner next to a lake.  (Here's the video.)


(NY Post)

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