Jenny's Long Week in Chicago in Six Pics!

Wednesday we took off to Chicago for a big radio conference. The first night we had a big happy hour and were beat afterwards so we all went to bed decently early. I woke up somewhat early to get out for a run. We were staying somewhat close to Navy Pier so I ran along the riverwalk to the Pier, then back. This was the view of the city rom the Pier!

Thursday we had panels to attend all day. Falen was on the women's panel and she did so great! Love being able to work with someone that so many people look up to and go to for advice!

After Falen's panel was a producer's panel that Dave and I were on together! I won't lie, I was a little nervous for it but having Dave up there with me really helped calm my nerves.

Thursday night we did dinner with a bunch of iHeart peeps then went back and drank at the hotel bar. I ended up at the bar until 1:30am and was so beat but we forgot to shut the curtains in our hotel room that night so as soon as the sun was up, I was awake. I decided to just get up and make the most of it and explored the city by myself. I walked over to Millenium Park, saw The Bean! Then headed towards Lake Michigan, walked along there for a bit and then back to the riverwalk and to the hotel. I love exploring a city by myself if I have the time and highly recommend doing it if you ever get the chance!

We had panels again on Friday and then at night I met up with my college friend Ayantu, and her husband, Jake who is my friend from high school for dinner at a place called Etta! I would give it 9/10!

I stayed with them Friday night and in the morning Ayantu made Shakshuka for us. It was AMAZING.

I drove back to the cities after breakfast and have been exhausted ever since. I think I can only handle a radio conference once a year because while I learned a lot, it was basically just one big party the whole time and I didn't get much sleep for the majority of the time I was in Chicago. Hope you had a good weekend!

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