Are You Showering Incorrectly? Here's How to Do It Right

Apparently a bunch of us don't know how to take a SHOWER correctly.  (???)


Here are five tips from dermatologists . . .


1. Don't shower too often. It should depend on your activity level. If you're not very active and don't sweat much, you don't HAVE to shower every day. 


2. Keep it short. Water and cleansers like shampoo and body wash can dry out your hair and skin, so the quicker you are the better.


3. Stay cool. Hot water strips away natural oils and can damage your skin, so it's better to take a shower that's lukewarm or cooler.


4. Don't wash your hair too much . . . or too little. Hair is made of dead skin cells, so it doesn't need as much washing as the rest of your skin. But not washing it enough can lead to dandruff.


5. Focus on the dirtiest areas. Your arms and legs don't always need soap . . . but your underarms, feet, and groin DO. 



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