Four Coffee Hacks from TikTok

If you're sick of the same old cup of coffee, here are a few quick-and-easy coffee hacks from TikTok . . .


1.  Stronger iced coffee. Instead of normal ice cubes, freeze the coffee itself. Or freeze whatever type of creamer you like. Then it won't get watered down.


2.  Instant espresso. Just mix a bunch of instant coffee with a tiny bit of water. One popular video says to use one heaping teaspoon per ounce. That's about eight times stronger than a normal cup of instant coffee.


3.  Proffee. It stands for "protein coffee". Instead of adding creamer to your coffee, you mix in a protein drink. Or just add coffee when you make a protein shake in a blender.


4.  Homemade cold brew ice cream. It's not hard to make. Just mix up a bunch of whipping cream . . . add condensed milk . . . a little cocoa powder . . . and a few tablespoons of cold coffee. Then mix it together and toss it in the freezer overnight. 


(The Sun)

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