The Key to a Happy Marriage

I don't know if this is the key to a happy marriage or not, but it's simple enough to remember . . .

Reddit has been talking about something called the "2-2-2" rule for a while. It's supposed to help keep the spark alive, and a lot of experts seem to like it. So what does "2-2-2" mean? Each "2" is a reminder for something different.

Here's what each one is supposed to remind you to do . . .

1.  The first "2" means a date night every two weeks. 

Or, two dates a month if that's easier to remember. It's not a hard-and-fast rule, just a guideline.

2.  The second "2" stands for a weekend away every two months. 

That's a tough one if you're a parent. So if you can't swing it, just something a little more special than a normal date night.

3.  The third "2" means a full week away every two years. 

Ideally, WITHOUT your kids, so you can just spend time with each other and relax.

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