After 61 Years, Sprite Will No Longer Be...

Sprite is making a MAJOR change after 61 years . . . they're discontinuing the iconic green plastic bottle.


The Coca-Cola Company has announced that, beginning next week, they're changing Sprite's packaging to CLEAR plastic bottles . . . because the green bottles, ironically, aren't GREEN enough.


The green bottles are recyclable, but because of the additives in the plastic to change the color, it has to be separated from other plastic to be repurposed . . . and that creates a lot of headaches and unnecessary waste.


The green bottles will also be dropped from other Coca-Cola products, including Mello Yello . . . Fresca . . . and Seagram's Ginger Ale.


Sprite will continue to have a bright green label and cap, but the look will take some getting used to . . . because the clear bottle makes it look like Sprite Zero Sugar, and other variations.



(NBC News / Eat This, Not That / Coca-Cola)

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