Dating Advice: People with Three to...

Here's an easy way to get more matches on dating sites: Have at least three profile pics, but not more than six.


According to stats from the dating app Bumble, people with three to six profile pics get 93% more matches.


Two makes it seem like you're not trying. And more than six is overkill. So they say that's the sweet spot.


Here are a few more quick tips to up your chances . . .


1. Don't be lazy with your bio. Detailed bios get 32% more matches. But still keep it snappy and positive, and be specific but not too specific. Those types of profiles tend to do the best.


2. Use your profile to create conversation starters. Include pics and details about yourself that might spark conversations. It's all about making it easier for the other person to reach out and break the ice.


3. Use video chats to filter potential dates. Real dates are time consuming and exhausting if you do too many. So video chats are a good starter date. There's been a big surge in them during covid, so people are used to it now.



(NY Post)

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