Here Are the 10 Most Unbreakable Rules of Parking Lot Etiquette

Parking lots NEED etiquette . . . because without it, they can turn into ANARCHY and people wielding tire irons FAST. So here are the 10 most unbreakable rules of parking lot etiquette you need to follow. For the sake of humanity.


1. Don't park in a handicap spot.


2. Don't block the flow of traffic waiting a long time for a spot . . . especially if you're just randomly waiting and no one's backing out anywhere nearby.


3. Don't park so you're taking up multiple spaces.


4. If you park poorly, try again. It's better to take the time to re-park than to park on the lines.


5. Don't slowly tail people as they walk through the parking lot.


6. When you get in your car to leave, leave quickly.


7. Always return your shopping cart, don't just leave it lying around the parking lot.


8. Use your turn signals.


9. Follow the arrows . . . don't go the wrong way down an aisle.


10. Don't wait for a perfect spot if there are available spots further back. 



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