Jenny's Trip to Seattle in Six Pics!

I flew out to Seattle Friday for my friend Sami's bachelorette party! My friend Steph and I can't make her main bachelorette party so we headed out to Seattle, where Steph lives, and planned a weekend of fun things! This is Kerry Park with an amazing view of the city!

We went and saw the troll on Saturday morning! Afterwards we bopped around some shops in the Fremont neighborhood.

We had an AirBnb in the Ballard neighborhood and they were having "Ballard Seafood Fest" over the weekend. It was a big street party with tons of food trucks, vendor booths, beer and wine garden, and a stage with bands performing.

The headliner Saturday night was a band with an inappropriate name I can't even type out, but it starts with Thunder and ends with a p word, haha.

This is the bachelorette, Sami, and the only picture we got with her Bride sash on. Can you tell we had been drinking beer at a street festival for 7 hours at this point?

We went to a place called Salty's in West Seattle for dinner Sunday night and this was our view of the city. I loved it!

Excited to be back with everyone on the show tomorrow! Thanks for looking at my pics!

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