6 Table Manner Rules Even Adults Break

Do you know anyone who's somehow made it to adulthood without figuring out table manners? Here are a few rules even adults break . . .


1. Eating before everyone else starts. Like if your food arrives first at a restaurant, or you sit down before everyone else at home. It's polite to wait.


2. Using your phone. A lot of adults do it even though we tell our kids not to.


3. Cutting up all your food at once before you start eating. It's just weird, like something you'd do for a five-year-old. It also makes you eat faster, so you end up finishing before everyone else.


4. Hogging the conversation. It's rude no matter where you are, but people do it during meals a lot. It also makes you eat SLOWER, so you're the last to finish.


5. Using the bread to clean your plate like it's an edible sponge. Do it at home, because who cares. But not when you're with other people, or at a nice place.


6. Elbows on the table. It's an old-school rule that gets ignored a lot.


(Fox News)

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