You've Heard of "Red Flags" in Relationships, but What Are "Pink Flags"?

Here's a dating term for ya: You've heard of "red flags," but what about PINK flags?  (???) It's a term that's been around a while.  "Cosmo" talked about it in 2017. But it's trending again after "Huffington Post" just did a write-up.


Basically, pink flags are subtle signs someone might not be a good fit for you, and your relationship is doomed. But not always. 


Sometimes, they're things that might seem like dealbreakers. But it's really something you could work through.


Whether something's a red or pink flag is subjective. So it's really about deciding how YOU want to define it. Is the thing you don't like really a big deal? Or is it something you could change or get used to? 

Here are a few examples they give . . .


1. Changes in behavior, like they're not as affectionate as they used to be. It could be a red flag. But it doesn't always mean they're cheating or disinterested.


2. The other person never has an opinion on things, like where to order food from. So you always have to take charge. Is it really worth breaking up over, or could you just talk about it?


3. Mismatched "love languages." Like one of you shows your love through physical touch. And the other does it with acts of service, like making coffee every morning. That might just be something you need to address or get used to.


Basically, "pink flags" aren't always dealbreakers. But you also shouldn't ignore them, or they could fester.


The term we used to use for it was "ISSUES" in a relationship. 



(Huff Post)

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