The Most Common Unused Gadgets We Won't Throw Away

I guarantee you have something on this list sitting in storage, or tucked away in a drawer. Someone polled 2,000 people and asked about gadgets that they never use but won't throw away. Here are the top ten . . .


1. DVD players. When was the last time you watched one?


2. Old phones. You've probably got at least two of them somewhere.


3. Digital cameras. We all bought one, but then phone cameras took over.


4. Old TVs. They're hard to get rid of if they still work.


5. Old laptops. If you're still holding on to yours, it's probably because you never transferred stuff from your hard drive.


6. CD players. If you listen to CDs now, it's probably in your car.


7. Headphones. Or old earbuds.


8. Printers. Most people who have them don't use them much.


9. Old gaming consoles. Like if you kept your old PlayStation 3, but you only use your PlayStation 4 now.


10. Old tablet devices. They're another thing we keep even after we upgrade.


Here are a few more that just missed the top ten: E-readers . . . camcorders . . . MP3 players . . . Blu-Rays . . . record players . . . and old speakers.




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