Ten Things We Buy and Never Use

There are two ways to keep more money in your bank account. Earn more or spend less. So to help with that second one, here are a few things we buy but never use. So they might just be a waste of money . . .


1. Cookbooks. You probably own a few but still get all your recipes online.


2. Expensive home gym equipment. Remember when covid hit, and sales of Peloton bikes jumped 170%?


3. Unnecessary stuff for your kids. New parents buy all sorts of stuff they don't really need. The same thing happens with new pets too.


4. Extended warranties. When was the last time you needed to use one?


5. Journals and daily planners. Most people buy one, use it for a week, and never use it again.


6. Filing cabinets. Just like journals, you plan to use them but never do.


7. Appliances that are way too specific. Like a breakfast sandwich maker, or a toaster that only cooks hot dogs and buns. They take up too much counter space. So you put them away and then forget about them. 


8. Souvenirs. Think of all the money you've wasted on dumb key chains and coffee mugs.


9. Online subscriptions for specific things. Like alumni websites that help you keep in touch with people from high school. That's what Facebook is for.


10. Over-the-top camping gear. Things like electric rotating marshmallow sticks get used once, then never again.




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