Some Perv AirDropped a Photo of His Junk to Everyone on His Flight

Remember the good old days when you just had to worry about being PUNCHED on a plane?


Some woman just posted on TikTok after a guy on her Southwest flight AirDropped a picture of his JUNK to everyone on the plane.  (It was actually even more explicit than that.)


It happened on a flight from Detroit to Denver on Saturday. We only know that his first name is Larry, and he's older . . . maybe 60s, or early 70s.


The woman who posted about it was the one who called him out and told a flight attendant. She was in his row, but across the aisle a few seats away. And she was one of the unfortunate souls who chose to accept the AirDrop.


When a flight attendant asked Larry if he sent the photo, he freely admitted that he did. So she asked why, and he said he was, quote, "just having a little fun."  


Cops were waiting to escort him off the plane as soon as it landed. No word yet on what kind of charges he's facing. 



(NY Post)


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