Have We All Been Using Juice Box Straws Wrong?

There's a lot of pointless debates on Twitter, but then there's the REAL stuff that impacts everyone in the world . . . like JUICE BOX STRAWS.


An image is going viral on Twitter, which suggests that most of us are using juice box straws incorrectly. It has the bent portion down INSIDE the juice box, so that you're able to reach the last drops of juice.


The image has been liked and re-Tweeted over a million times by various accounts, and people are getting HEATED.  


Some people are totally into it . . . saying their "life has been a lie," and they're seeing the light. But detractors make a LOT of good points. For one, the sharp end is clearly meant to be pushed down to poke open the seal. Even if you then flip it around, that means the sharp part would be poking your mouth.


Also, without the bent part outside, the straw could easily slip inside the box, which would basically make it undrinkable. And you WOULD have to push it pretty much all the way in to get the bent part to lay on the bottom.


So while this may be a fun Internet debate, it's clear that there's no way it was designed to work with the bendy part down. 


(Here's video of them debating this "hack" on the "Today" show.)



(NY Post)

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