Three Tricks You Can Use to Keep Yourself from Throwing Up

When you're feeling nauseated, things can go two ways from there: You either throw up, or you don't. And in most cases, I'd guess you'd prefer NOT to throw up.


There are some hacks for beating nausea that have gone viral on TikTok recently. And doctors evaluated them to figure out which ones actually WILL help you avoid throwing up and which won't.


Here are three surprise tricks that just might stop your nausea:


1. Smelling rubbing alcohol.  There's isopropyl ethanol in rubbing alcohol, which can help relieve nausea.


2. Hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth, then press your thumb on the center of your forehead for 20 seconds.  This move can clear your sinuses and help relieve your nauseated feeling.


3. Hum. Believe it or not, humming can help you beat nausea. One doctor said, quote, "By controlling and regulating your breathing [through humming] it helps you to relax. It's actually very difficult to gag and hum at the same time."



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